Dem Rep. Swalwell: We Can't Rely On Mueller Being "Insurance Policy" If Trump Is Undermining Investigation


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a member of the House Intel Committee, used the term "insurance policy" to describe Robert Mueller and his probe of Trump-Russian collusion in an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett on Monday night.

"We can't rely on Bob Mueller to be the insurance policy because the president is doing all he can to undermine that investigation," Swalwell said about the fruitless Democratic investigation in the Congress.

Swalwell, putting the onus on President Trump, said: "They still have not shown that there was anything but a willingness and eagerness by the Trump team to work with the Russians."

Swalwell said it doesn't matter how much truth there is to the Christopher Stelle dossier just as long as there is enough to get an investigation approved by a FISA judge so you can surveil and "get more evidence and start to corroborate."

"This FISA application was to begin an investigation. It was not to present a closing argument to a jury," the Congressman said. "And so, the only way you can get more evidence and start to corroborate what was in that dossier is to launch the initial investigation and surveil suspicious actors. And so, I think they are confusing, you know, what was being done and what part of the timeline we were in this investigation."

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: And OUTFRONT now, I want to go to a member of the Intelligence Committee, Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell.

Congressman, thanks for being with me.

Unanimous. Obviously, the last week, the release of the Democratic memo was voted down on party lines. Were you surprised that a unanimous vote just moments ago?

REP. ERIC SWALWELL, D-CALIFORNIA: Well, I was happy to see it, Erin. It's the right thing to do and hopefully the president allows the memo to go to the public free from any political edits.

I will just say, this is a dangerous precedent, though, for an ongoing investigation to occur and for evidence to be put out in the public while investigators are still interviewing witnesses. However, we believe what the Republicans did last week with their false memo was so poisonous that the only antidote would be to correct the record and give the public the full picture.

BURNETT: So, what happened in that room as it was getting clear it was unanimous?

SWALWELL: Well, we urge that, you know, we also start using our subpoena power and interviewing witnesses under oath, with subpoenas, as well as subpoenaing full documents. One of my colleagues pointed out that the Steele dossier was inaccurate because there's questions about where Michael Cohen, the president's lawyer really traveled. All we pointed out, well, all we did was bring him in and ask him if he had gone to those places, and that was it. We didn’t subpoena bank records, phone records, travel logs, because there's an unwillingness right now to conduct a serious investigation.

And we can't rely on Bob Mueller to be the insurance policy because the president is doing all he can to undermine that investigation.

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