Dem Rep. Quigley: "Out Of Context" That McCabe Said No FISA Warrant Without Dossier


Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) said Monday that Rep. Devin Nunes worked with the Trump White House to "concoct" the recently unclassified FISA memo and that they had numerous co-conspirators.

When asked if then-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe told the Intel Committee behind closed doors that if not for the Steele dossier no FISA warrant would have been issued, he said that was taken "out of context" and that those were "not his exact words." He called the dossier "largely accurate."

"This investigation began independently of the dossier and the fact is the dossier is largely accurate," Quigley said on Monday's broadcast of CNN's New Day. "If there's a few minor errors, so be it, but it was raw intelligence data to be begin with."

Quigley, speaking about the Russian probe, referencing Steve Bannon as a source, said we have "barely scratched the surface as to what took place with money laundering" and Jared Kushner.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN: I have one more question about the dossier because it seems to be one of the headlines of the Nunes memo that was released on Friday. So what Nunes and the memo claim, his staff, is that the FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, told your committee behind closed doors that, in fact, it was the dossier, if not for the Steele dossier, no surveillance warrant would have been sought for Carter Page. True or false, did that happen?

REP. MIKE QUIGLEY (D-IL): It is false. We're not his exact words. Remember, that was classified. That the setting that we're talking about. So I have to be mindful of it. Until our memo comes out, it's hard to contradict exactly what they're saying.

So those were not his exact words. They're cherry picked. They're out of context. As Mr. Dent said, that's true for the entire two and a half page memo. I don't think either memo should have been put out because they release information that shouldn't be out there protecting sources and methods, but now that their report is out there, our memo has to go out there just to correct what they've stated in their short memo.

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