Brennan: House GOP Could Be Complicit In Obstruction Of Justice; "Constitutional Crisis"


Former CIA Director John Brennan discusses the release of the Devin Nunes memo, why he says the Russia probe is winding up and not down, if he feels the special counsel's job is safe and why he is losing respect for Paul Ryan. From Monday's Morning Joe:

JOHN BRENNAN, FMR. CIA DIRECTOR: I think we are going to be in a very serious Constitutional crisis. I wonder when the Republican leadership in the Congress is going to come to their senses. I have a lot of respect for Paul Ryan. I thought he was taking these matters seriously but the things I have heard him say and do over the past several months really makes me question whether or not if there is going to be a removal of Rod Rosenstein as well as Bob Mueller. What will the Republicans do? Will they allow that to happen? It cannot.

Because, to me, that clearly would be obstruction of justice on an ongoing investigation that involves senior individuals in this government or previously affiliated with this administration. This has to be brought to its conclusion.

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