Rep. Swalwell: Nunes Memo Misquotes McCabe's Statement About Steele Dossier/FISA Warrant


Rep. Eric Swalwell disputes the characterization made in the Nunes FISA Abuse Memo that deputy FBI director testified to the House Intelligence Committee that the Steele Dossier was the main piece of evidence used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a member of the Trump campaign. "He didn't say that," Swalwell said.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: Is there anything inappropriate, do you think, about a partisan political document, the Steele dossier being used in an application to surveil an associate of a presidential candidate, in this case Carter Page -- especially if that fact is not disclosed in the application? Is that inherently wrong do you think?

REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA), HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: Jake, that fact was disclosed -- it was disclosed to the FISA court, that part of the evidence was from a politically motivated source.

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