Limbaugh: "I Can't Find Any Good Reasons NOT to Disclose This Memo"


From the top of the program on the February 1, 2018 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Folks, I have a couple questions here. Actually, one question. What’s the big deal with this memo? If Trump is guilty, if Trump did all this, why are they worried about a memo detailing how they did it?

If Trump did it, if Trump colluded, if Trump did all this horrible stuff, if Carter Page did all this horrible stuff, if Stephen Miller did all this horrible stuff, if Melania Trump did all this horrible stuff, if Donald Trump Jr., if Eric Trump, if Barron Trump did all this horrible stuff, why in the world is the FBI so afraid of people finding out how they got him?

Why is the FBI, why are the Drive-Bys, why is the Democrat Party so worried, so concerned about how they got there? You know, I’ve gone through as much of this as I can absorb before it all starts to turn into a blue, purple, murky haze. And I can’t find any good reasons not to disclose this memo. And then when you look at the steps being taken to prevent the memo from being released… I’m telling you, this Adam Schiff guy that we affectionately call here “Pencil Neck,” this guy is shifty.

Folks, I swear. I’ve gotta button this up because I might say things that would come back to bite me. But this guy is not a good guy. It’s worse than just this guy is a loyal Democrat partisan. Once again, he has tried to discredit this memo by telling a bunch of lies about it. And the latest big lie is that Devin Nunes, the chairman of the committee secretly rewrote the committee memo while sitting next to Trump and substantially changed the memo after everybody had read it.

And of course the media dutifully picks up on this and they’ve got their narrative. “Nunes realizing memo was factually incorrect, Nunes realizing memo had no juice, Nunes, realizing it was about to be all over, went in rewrote the memo after everybody had seen it.” The media runs with this, and it just is not true! It is striking how much is simply not true in this entire story from the earliest days of it. It is really overwhelmingly striking how so little of this is true.

The only changes that were made in the memo were technical. They were cleaning up some typos, some punctuation. It was stuff like that because the thing’s gonna be released and you don’t want it to look like it was written by your average Twitter cellar dweller. So they had to clean it up. And Schiff, he knows full well that this thing was not substantially changed. He knows full well that there’s nothing in this that’s literally incorrect.

Why are they working so hard to prevent this from being seen? Why are they bending over backwards to prevent the American people from finding out how the FBI operated? Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a principle at stake here, and it’s not that complicated when you get right down to it. If the FBI, because of the politicized nature, which can corrupt, has been used to advance partisan political purposes of some of the leadership, this we need to know. And it needs to be cleaned out. Because everybody wants the FBI to be good.

Everybody wants the FBI to be trustworthy. Nobody wants the FBI to be corrupt. Everybody wants to defend and protect it. The FBI is a crucial law enforcement institution, and if there has been any malfeasance there, we are duty-bound to get to the bottom of it, not cover it up. But, boy, doesn’t it appear like that is what is going on here?

There are people scared to death that this memo is gonna be released. It looks like it’s gonna be tomorrow now that the president’s gonna declassify this thing. And as a side issue, you want to share something that’s not really related to this, although you could draw a line to it and connect it. Have you heard the story that the president’s really unhappy with Rosenstein? Rosenstein may in fact, the deputy attorney general, may in fact have a prominent role in the memo.

Well, there is a story — there’s a bunch of stories. There’s a narrative out there that Trump asked Rosenstein some time ago, “Are you my guy? Are you my guy?” Meaning, are you loyal to me? And everybody’s saying, does Trump not understand that the Department of Justice is not his? Does Trump still not get it that the Department of Justice is not there to carry his water or to run misdirection plays or cover up? Does he realize that the attorney general is not his lawyer?

I just want to say something. Given the way Eric Holder and Barack Obama operated, why would it be a surprise that any of us think that the DOJ exists to do the bidding of the president? Are you trying to tell me that Eric Holder was entirely independent of Barack Obama, or do you think Eric Holder was every day doing everything he could to implement the agenda of Barack Obama? And if you look at this objectively, you look at the Obama agenda as he stated it, and you look at Holder’s stewardship of the Department of Justice, you don’t have any difference.

He was clearly Obama’s guy. This is the point! And the Democrats didn’t have any trouble with that. The Democrats didn’t have any trouble with Holder being Obama’s guy. In fact, that’s the way it was supposed to be. Because the Democrats corrupt everything they touch by politicizing it. So the DOJ, the EPA, you name it, all of these agents, the IRS, all of these were in one way or another weaponized by Obama.

The media never had a problem with it. The media only had a problem with conservatives saying that it wasn’t fair, wasn’t just, wasn’t right. They said, “Grow up. Stop whining.” Remember all the conspiracies with Lois Lerner. But I don’t think Trump or anybody could be blamed for believing that the attorney general is there to advance the president’s agenda because that’s what we saw for eight years during the Obama administration. There’s nobody that would disagree with this.

In fact, I once had J. Christian Adams — now known as Chris. He was on this program after he resigned at the DOJ. He was in the Civil Rights Division, and he quit when Eric Holder told him that they were no longer gonna prosecute the New Black Panther Party that had engaged in voter fraud in Philadelphia by denying voters a chance to get to the polling place. This is a huge, huge deal. And Eric Holder essentially said, “We’re not gonna sit here and prosecute my people.” And everybody thought he meant race.

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