Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton: When Did Mueller Know The Basis For His Entire Investigation Was Paid For By DNC?


President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said on Fox News on Friday that it's "difficult to overstate" the importance of revelations in the newly released memo on alleged surveillance abuses during the presidential campaign. Fitton said the crux of the matter is: When did special counsel Robert Mueller learn that the dossier, which is apparently the basis for his entire investigation, was paid for by the DNC on behalf of the Clinton campaign?

Fitton explained: "I think it is pretty devastating... It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the revelations in this memo, not only in terms of the corruption in the Obama administration, but the really devastating blow it strikes at the Mueller investigation. When you have the Obama Justice Dept. take their best shot at the FISA court, and their best shot is a Clinton campaign document to run the narrative that there was Russia collusion requiring surveillance of a Trump campaign official or volunteer. And it turns out there was really nothing else there, but for that dossier paid for by Clinton and DNC funds."

"That means there is no Mueller investigation without the dossier," Fitton concluded.

"So the whole thing is subject to really, I think, being called off now by the Justice Dept., if they are brave enough, based on these disclosures today," he added.

"We can't wait for the courts of act," he also said. "What's the Justice Department going to do to clean house? What is Wray going to do to clean house? What about Mr. Mueller? When did he know the dossier that is the basis fundamentally for the Russia collusion narrative, and the basis for his entire investigation, what did he know and when did he know it about the Clinton involvement in his investigation?"

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said the memo was not intended to be an attack on the special counsel, the FBI, or the Justice Department. In response, Fitton said the memo "speaks for itself."

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