Dem Rep. Castro: Devin Nunes "Has Decided To Make His Career A Sacrifice Fly For Donald Trump"


On Thursday's edition of 'All In With Chris Hayes' on MSNBC, Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro used a baseball metaphor to explain how, in his view, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is sacrificing his credibility to release a memo to politically serve President Trump. Hayes, on the other hand, compared it to writing "a book report on a book you haven’t read."

CHRIS HAYES: I just don’t even understand. This is a fact that Nunes didn’t read the source material?


HAYES: How does — I mean, it seems like a book report on a book you haven’t read.

CASTRO: That’s exactly what it is

HAYES: How could you even write a thing?

CASTRO: The memo itself is basically a political document. It’s a partisan document. And for whatever reason, Devin Nunes has decided to make his career a sacrifice fly for Donald Trump. That’s exactly what he’s doing. And for the White House and you know, I think when the memo comes out you’ll have folks on Fox News and Breitbart who will make the kind deal about that Donald Trump would like to see. That’s why we wanted to make sure both memos would be released at the same time if either would be released.

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