Carl Bernstein: In The Whole Cold War, Russia Never Managed To Destabilize The U.S. To The Extent Trump Has


CNN analyst, journalist, and author Carl Bernstein called into CNN Friday afternoon to argue that "demagogic, authoritarian" President Trump is using the House Intelligence Committee memo to attack the Mueller investigation.

BERNSTEIN: What we are seeing here is a demagogic, authoritarian president who is using this red herring to contend that there is a witch hunt going on, when in fact, there is a legitimate investigation into what the Russians did and whether or not the president of the United States and his cohorts and aides and family may or may not have been involved in helping the Russians.

If indeed there is exonerating evidence there, the president ought to have enough faith in our institutions, including inspectors general, the FBI, oversight committees.

Right now we need to know what the Russians did, whether or not the Trump organization was involved in some way.

On top of which, the overriding question, which is so dispiriting and demoralizing, is: In the whole Cold War, the Russians were not able to do what Putin has done through Donald Trump to destabilize the U.S. and its Democratic institutions.

Hopefully, the Republican Party, which has gone along with him in lockstep, gets ahold of its senses. And remember, it was the Republican Party who was always toughest on the Russians. If they can not see how Donald Trump has been manipulated, and how Donald Trump is using this to avoid legitimate investigations and to poison the institutions of American democracy, then they are taking us somewhere we've never been before.

[Republicans] were the heroes of Watergate because they were open to the truth.

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