Pelosi: President Trump "Stooped To A New Low" On Immigration


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says President Trump 'presents himself as generous toward "DREAMers", but he's holding them hostage in what she calls the "most extreme anti-immigrant agenda in generations."

REP. NANCY PELOSI: This is a -- it was a very transformative speech for some of us last night, because, while we -- our expectations for greatness and vision with the president are not high, he stooped to a new low in terms of how he dealt with issues: for example, the immigration issue, and what it has meant to our country, and how he characterized it... President Trump's first year's in -- has been a wasted opportunity in meeting the needs of the American people. Again, he had an opportunity for unity. We always are hopeful for that. Instead of a hand of friendship, as some have said, he presented a clenched fish -- the -- clenched fist.

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