Paul Ryan on Memo: Civil Liberties May Have Been Violated, "Malfeasance" At The FBI


Paul Ryan, speaking about the controversial FISA memo, said American civil liberties may have been violated at a Tuesday morning press conference with reporters. Ryan said there may have been "malfeasance" at the FBI by "certain individuals." He called on the DOJ and FBI to "clean their own house.

PAUL RYAN: First, there are legitimate questions about whether American civil liberties were violated by the FISA process. We are the legislative branch of government. It is our job to conduct oversight on behalf of the American people of the executive branch in case any powers were abused and civil liberties abused by the executive branch. There is a very legitimate issue here as to whether or not American civil liberties were violated in the FISA process.

Point number two: This is a completely separate matter from Bob Mueller's investigation, and his investigation should be allowed to take its course.

Point number three: There may have been malfeasance by people at the FBI.

There may have been malfeasance at the FBI by certain individuals. So it is our job, in conducting transparent oversight of the -- of the executive branch, to get to the bottom of that. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. And so, what -- what -- what we want is all of this information to come out so that transparency can reign supreme and accountability can occur.

There's a fourth point I want to make, and that is the institution of the DOJ, of the FBI is a very important institution for American life. It is a very important institution for keeping the rule of law intact.

The men and women -- the vast number of the men and women over at DOJ, over at FBI are professionals doing their jobs and doing their jobs well. The people over in the -- in the field office in Milwaukee, in the FBI office are helping keeping heroin and opioids out of our schools.

So we want the people of the FBI to know that we respect their job, we respect who they are and what they do. And all the more reason why we need to have transparency and accountability to hold people accountable if they violated the rules, if they acted in -- in a wrong, improper way. And that is what we're doing here.

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