Kamala Harris: Trump "Scapegoating and Fear-Mongering" To Equate MS-13 and DREAMers


California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris slammed President Trump's characterization of MS-13 during his State of the Union Address.

Trump highlighted the impact violence by illegal immigrants and gangs like MS-13 have on American families in his first State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. He introduced the parents of two teenage girls from New York who were murdered by members of MS-13 who were also illegal immigrants, they entered the country as "unaccompanied alien minors."

"MS-3 is an example of some of the worst of criminal gang behavior," Sen. Harris said. "To equate that with Dreamers and DACA was completely irresponsible. And it was scapegoating and fear-mongering. And it was wrong."

"It was wrong technically, in terms of the nature and character of these populations," she added. "And it was wrong because that is not what leaders are supposed to do. We're not supposed to convince the American public of policy because we make them afraid. And that is what this president apparently thinks he needs to do, and it is irresponsible."

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