Tom Bevan on McCabe Resignation, Nunes Memo: There Are No Coincidences


RCP co-founder Tom Bevan joins Monday afternoon's Special Report Panel to discuss what, if any, connection exists between the Nunes memo alleging FISA abuse among the intelligence community and the resignation of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. FBI Director Wray read the memo for the first time on Sunday.

TOM BEVAN: It could be a coincidence, but at this point, it is probably safe to assume there are no coincidences, with regard to this situation.

I think Mollie is right, this is a big deal -- the fact that the number two at the FBI has been removed, stepped down, whatever you want to say.

The release of the memo, which is going to come in the next few days, it appears most likely that we're going to see it shed some light, a lot of light, on why he stepped down and what has been going on behind the scenes at the FBI.

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