David Ignatius: FBI/DOJ Abuse Story Are Top 4 Most Read Articles on RealClearPolitics


On Thursday's broadcast of MSNBC's Morning Joe, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius talked about the interest in articles about the politicization of the Trump-Russia probe and corruption in the Obama-era DOJ, citing the most read stories on RealClearPolitics.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: David Ignatius, is there any evidence, is there a shred of evidence? Have you seen, and this is your beat as much as anybody's in the world -- have you seen any evidence inside the intel community or outside the intel community, that Bob Mueller or any of his investigators' personal political beliefs have impacted any part of this investigation?

DAVID IGNATIUS: I have not. The strange thing is that a lot of this debate, Republican series of attacks involves behavior at a time when what the FBI was doing was putting out information about Hillary Clinton at her most vulnerable moment at the end of the election campaign. And not putting out information about their investigation of Donald Trump. I mean, it really stands, what happened on the end.

But Joe and Mika, you would be wrong if you didn't think this is penetrating. It's not just FOX News, I collected the four top headlines, four most-read pieces on RealClearPolitics last night. Here are the headlines: 'Evidence Suggests A Massive Scandal is Brewing at the FBI.' That's one. 'No Choice But to Appoint A Special Second Counsel,' that's the second most read. 'The FBI is Looking Guilty As Hell in the Russia Probe,' that's the third. Fourth is, 'The Stench at Obama's Justice Department and FBI.' That's what the country is reading right now by a very deliberate effort, as you said, to distract.

The next round that plays is Mueller's actual conversation with Trump. That's where we'll be in another week or two. But I do think this, we're seeing the fog machine working full blast and it's obviously having an effect.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And it shows that FOX News and also the Russians continued attempts to impact social media. According to the most recent study. The Russian bots is working. 43% of [Independents] approve of Bob Mueller's investigation; 35% disapprove... 68% Democrats [approve], 20% disapprove. Then look at Republicans -- 26 [approve], 49 [disapprove]. They're creating an echo chamber and they're creating an alternate reality.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And they have changed in the past two years. Dramatically. That network is a very different network. It's -- yeah. I better just leave it there.

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