Roger Stone Warns Trump: Mueller Setting A "Perjury Trap," Interview Will Be "Suicide Mission"


Former Trump campaign adviser and longtime confidant Roger Stone told Laura Ingraham that the president should by no means meet with or be interrogated by Robert Mueller. "He knows he's done nothing wrong," Stone said about the president.

Stone warned that a "first year law student" would advise Trump that Mueller is setting "an obvious perjury trap."

"[Mueller] is taking advantage of the president's loquaciousness," he said. "The fact that he is never a man who suffers from a paucity of words. And what is clear is Mr. Mueller has no evidence of Russian collusion, and so we've cycled all the way back around to the dismissal of Comey. [Mueller] seeks to entrap the president in some kind of process crime -- perjury or obstruction."

"Therefore the best advice I can give the president... is under no circumstances should he grant Mr. Mueller an interview, it is a suicide mission, a very clear perjury trap."

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