CNN's Ryan Lizza: "Evidence Is Obviously Mounting" Of Obstruction Case Against Trump


CNN's Ryan Lizza returns to CNN airwaves following a suspension to investigate sexual harassment claims to address a NYT report that President Trump thought about firing Robert Mueller.

RYAN LIZZA: It is part of a pattern that we've seen now for a year with this investigation whether it was demanding loyalty from Comey and then of course firing Comey, telling Comey to back off the Flynn investigation, trying to get Sessions not to recuse.

I guess the bright spot is that as hard as he has tried to get the people in his administration to stop this investigation, there have been some breaks. And the fact that he relented when [Don] McGahn threatened to quit means that there are some breaks on this president, or at least people in that administration that at the very least saving him from himself.

But I think it's -- it's a pattern and it adds to the mounting evidence that there's a serious obstruction case here, whether it's one that can be proved in court, who knows. But the evidence is obviously mounting.

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