Jack Ma: Globalization Cannot Be Stopped, You Have To Improve It


Jack Ma, the founder of online retail conglomerate Alibaba, discusses the certainty of globalization.

"I think globalization can not be stopped," he said. "Nobody can globalization. Nobody can stop trade."

"If trade stops, war starts."

"Trade is the way to dissolve the walls, not to cause the walls. I think globalization did a fantastic job over the past 30 years. It enriched a lot of countries, but of course, it caused a lot of problems. Young people do not have a lot of opportunities. Small businesses do not have opportunities. Developing countries were neglected."

"But it is only been 30 years," he added. "It is still a baby."

"You have to improve it! If you do not improve it, you kill it, easy. To kill something is much easier."

"It is my belief it is our generation's job... responsibility or opportunity to improve it," he said. "Tell me, how can you stop globalization?"

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