Tucker Carlson: Joy Reid's Entire Political Career Has Been Built on Race-Baiting


FNC host Tucker Carlson responds to MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid, who charactrized his view on immigration as "blatantly white nationalist."

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): On her weekend show this Saturday, anchor Joy Reid interviewed a genealogist, who had done research on my family. Apparently, one of my ancestors came to this country in 1860 from Switzerland. I didn't even know that until Reid's show aired, because I have zero interest in the subject. That was more than 150 years ago, and is irrelevant to the decisions I make as a father, a citizen, or an employee of Fox News. It tells us precisely nothing about our modern immigration policy.

America's economy has changed quite a bit since the Civil War, but to MSNBC this fact is a conversation-ender. A single 19th Century Swiss relative now means you are required to support green cards for everyone who jumps the border or overstays their visa in 2018. Boom! Case closed. As Reid's guest put it, 'People in genealogical glass houses shouldn't throw stones.' Meaning me.

As is so often the case, it is hard to know whether this is a legitimate point of debate, or whether it was part of an elaborate parody. Monty Python does DACA. There is no doubt about the sincerity of what came next, here is Joy Reid's response. She wasn't joking at all.

JOY REID: Tucker has been one of the most aggressive at putting forward what a lot of people see as a pretty blatantly white nationalist view of what immigration should be like.

Tucker continues:
TUCKER CARLSON: So, Joy Reid is accusing us of racism. Let's pause for a moment and savor the irony of that. Reid's entire public career has been built on race-baiting. Try to watch her show for 20 minutes and see for yourself.

This is the woman who urged the Democratic Party to give up on white voters who voted for Obama and Trump, saying their votes weren't worth fighting for.

In October, she suggested that WH Chief of Staff John Kelly was a bigot because he grew up around Irish Catholics. After House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot by a progressive activist last summer, Reid openly wondered if we should hope for his recovery...

So when Joy Reid accuses you of harboring racist thoughts, trust me, it is projection. But it is also a political tactic. Reid can't explain why this country needs to import millions more poor people, nobody on the left can explain that because there is no answer. So they attempt to shut down the conversation with slurs.

That's a shame. Immigration matters. it determines who lives in this country, who chooses our government, and our future. It is hard to think of a public policy topic more central to everything.

We've tried our best to discuss immigration reasonably and with civility. We try to make a rational case for what we think ought to be done. We'd like immigration policies that favor the American middle class over wealthy elites and foreign countries and lobbyists. We think laws passed by the Congress ought to be respected and enforced. Not mocked and ignored by our own leaders.

We believe America is an actual place, not just an idea, a distinct country with its own history, language, values, and more. .. We're suspicious of efforts to remake our society wholesale, especially just so a small group of taste-makers can have cheaper nannies. Any change is hard, demographic change especially is hard. It always hurts the weak and economically vulnerable first. Someone needs to look out for their interests.

Those are our views, and they are not extreme. We know that because we've seen the polling on the subject. A huge number of Americans agree with what we just said. If you don't believe it, look up the views of African-American voters on immigration. They are not with Joy Reid. They know what the cost has been.

Those who disagree with any of this are always welcome here. This is the only show on television that books guests every night who have a different view. We look for the smartest and most articulate people we can find. You can listen to both sides on this show and make up your own mind. The organized left hates that. They no longer believe in debate, they believe in power. Accumulating it and most of all, wielding it.

Anyone who gets in their way gets shouted down, in this case, as a racist. That doesn't work anymore.

What was once a devastating attack on a person's character, is now just background noise. When everything is racist (from ice cream trucks to Dr. Suess) nothing is. The term has been devalued by reckless overuse, and that’s a shame because it still applies.

There’s still plenty of racism in America, maybe more now possibly than in generations. Americans are attacked openly for their race, every day. In print, on television, in public gatherings. People are punished for their ace in hiring. The left supports all of this. It is central to their worldview. It is key to their political strategy but is totally wrong and we plan to keep saying that.

We still believe in what used to be the central premise of American liberalism, that everyone should be judged on what they do, not on how they look or who their parents are, or what their ancestors did.

We don't believe in collective punishment or reward, we believe in the individual. And because we do, we think our immigration policy ought to be driven by what each individual can bring to America. No one has the right to be admitted by lottery, or because they happen to be related to someone who is already here, or because they snuck in, and it is too politically difficult to make them leave.

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