Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Literally Telling Us "The Dog At My Homework" On Strzok Texts


Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan says Congress needs to get to the bottom of five months of missing text exchanges between two FBI officials that were key to the Clinton email probe and the Trump-Russia investigation.

"They're not just missing text messages from anybody, they're missing them from two key people -- [FBI lawyer Lisa Page and] Peter Strzok, who ran the Clinton investigation, interviewed Huma Abedin, interviewed Sheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton, changed [Hillary's] now-famous exoneration letter from 'gross negligence' which is a criminal standard, to 'extreme carelessness' which is not. Peter Strzok who helped run the Russia investigation, interviewed Mike Flynn," Jordan said. "That Peter Strzok, who in all these text messages with Lisa Page says we cannot let Trump be elected president, we need an 'insurance policy,' he should lose 100 million to zero."

"Now we find out five months of text messages between these two individuals come up missing," he said. "This is like the dog ate my homework, the excuse they give, this is something that just should not take place."

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