Rush Limbaugh: The Media Are What They Accuse Trump of Being... Totally Unfit


On Wednesday's edition of the 'Rush Limbaugh Show,' the host made the case that the questions posed to President Trump's doctor about his health reveal the mainstream media to be completely unfit for their jobs because they have started to believe their own lies.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Man, this is funny. The Drive-Bys don’t know what to do. They don’t know which story to lose their minds over first today. Bannon talking to Mueller or Trump’s physical and the fact that he’s in better shape than 90% of the media. He’s gonna outlive 90% of the media, it really ticks ’em off. They don’t know what to focus on first.

So they always come down on what they think will be the easiest path to destroying Trump. And since the health news happened before the Bannon news today, they’ll probably go with Bannon, so we will spend adequate time in that.

Greetings, folks. Such a delight to have you here with us today. I got a note from somebody today: “This is really a slow news day, Rush. This is the first slow news day that I can recall in a long time.” I don’t think so. I have more here than I’m ever gonna be able to get to. Even a yeoman effort, even if I assign myself no more than 90 seconds per story, I don’t have enough time to get to everything. Here’s the phone number if you want to join us. 800-282-2882, and the email address,

Ladies and gentlemen, the childish display, the childish exposition and behavior of the Drive-By Media yesterday once again has proven me right. The bizarre questions, the unhinged, childish, so transparently desirous questions from our Drive-By Media regarding the health of President Trump, has proved something. And interestingly enough, it’s something that I highlighted yesterday. They believe this.

Now, I know a lot of you think that the media is just hitting on things to try to trip Trump up or to convince Trump voters that he’s nuts and they say all these outrageous things. Like I told the audience at the Media Research Center gala that I keynote addressed back last fall, the danger here is that while they are actors, they do believe this stuff, folks! And their believability transfers to some of the brain-dead members of their audiences.

The media believes — they’re not just trying to create the illusion — the media believes that Donald Trump is not fit to be president. The media believes he is in the early onset stages of either Alzheimer’s or dementia. They believe that he is mentally teetering on the edge and with a gentle nudge daily from them, that they can send him over it. They believe he can’t read. They believe he literally sits on his bed in the residence scarfing down Quarter Pounders with cheese and a double orders of fries. They believe that. It is not just a caricature or picture that they create. They believe it!

Whatever anybody in the White House, whatever any source they have leaks about Trump with crazy, incomprehensible behavior, they believe it. I am convinced that they believe that Donald Trump ordered prostitutes to show up at his hotel room in Moscow and have them urinate on the bed and pointed out right there, “This is where Michelle and Obama were sleeping and this is where they did it, so I want you to urinate right there.” I am convinced they believe that happened.

They believe that because he eats Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with cheese and maybe even double Quarter Pounders with cheese and an extra large order of fries, they believe that he’s going to die, tomorrow, next week, hopefully tonight, maybe next month. They believe that anybody who eats cheeseburgers and fries is going to die, in addition to the fact that they are polluting the planet and destroying the climate. They believe their sick fantasies.

There’s no way these people could act as stupid and dumb and childish for an entire hour as they did yesterday if they didn’t believe it, if they didn’t hope it, if they hadn’t invested in it. They believe all of these sick fantasies that they conjure up. And this is why they often confuse their opinions with being facts. They mistake their fantasies for being truth, without evidence, without reading. They believed Obamacare would do everything Obama promised. And they still do.

They believed that Obamacare would lower premiums. They believed that Obamacare would let you keep your doctor. They believed that Obamacare was the answer to American health care, and they still do. They were not interested in Obama’s history of blowing weed. They were not interested in Obama’s drug history whatsoever. They were not worried when Obama went out, snuck out away from Moochelle (My Belle), where did he go to, to Five Guys hamburger joint? They weren’t worried that Obama was gonna die when he had burgers and fries. They thought it was cool that he snuck out and even evaded them until they caught up.

They believe that all of these massive, historic record cold snaps prove global warming. They believe this stuff. They believe that massive corporate tax cuts hurts employees, despite seeing widespread bonuses and wage increases. They believe all of this that they are reporting. That’s the difference. Many people on our side think they’re lying.

Well, they are, but they’re not misrepresenting their own true beliefs. The reason they are able to stay this intensely focused is they believe all of this stuff. They believe the election was stolen. They believe Donald Trump worked with Vladimir Putin and a bunch of Russian honey pots to steal the election. They aren’t just saying it to try to destroy Trump. They believe it. The reporters and reporterettes at the New York Times and CNN and the Washington Post and wherever else, they believe it. That is the difference.

They believe Donald Trump is on the verge of Alzheimer’s, insanity, and death. They believe the doctor lied in reporting Trump’s health statistics. They think that Trump is lying about his height, that he’s not 6-3, that he’s really only 6-2. And you know why that one inch makes a difference? Well, because if he’s really 6-2 and not 6-3, his weight means that he is obese. No, I’m not kidding! “He’s not 6-3, he’s 6-2, and he got the White House doctor to lie for him!”

If he was really only 6-2 and was what he weighs (239, is that the weight?), that would make him obese. Whereas at 6-3, he’s not obese. He’s just overweight. And obese means he’s slovenly and irresponsible and is a slob and is going to die. So what we’re watching here — with all due respect (chuckles) extended to that wacko senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake — is the media is the clown show. It is the media unfit. This current crop is entirely unfit to discharge their constitutional duties.

Well, we have to say it that way because they’re given constitutional recognition in the First Amendment. You know a Republican is losing his mind when he goes to the floor of the United States Senate and praises the media and calls them “the truth squad” in an effort to rip Donald Trump as trying to destroy the truth and American institutions. These people — this current crop of Drive-By reporters — are unfit. They are unstable. If all it was was they are just partisan — just your usual, ordinary, everyday, standard leftist partisans — that’d be one thing. That would be tolerable.

But this is way beyond partisanship. This is way beyond bias. We’re dealing with unhinged instability. Jim Acosta yesterday had to be thrown out of wherever they were, the Roosevelt Room, and Trump shut him down with one word: “Out!” So yesterday, Acosta said, “I never thought this could happen anywhere but an authoritarian country.” Today Jeff Flake compared Donald Trump to Stalin! Right, Jeff Flake compared Donald Trump to Josef Stalin, who was a mass murderer, in the old Soviet Union.

The true Stalinists today are the American left. “Stalinist” defined as someone who demands that you think as they do and love it, demands that you agree with them and love it and love them. They will brook no discord and they will accept no intolerance. You believe them or you will be destroyed. The media, this current crop — and, by the way, not all of them, obviously. But the vast majority of the White House press corps and the big names at cable news are actually what they accuse Trump of being. They are unfit for their jobs.

They’re not reporting the news. They’re not trying to find the truth. They already think they know it. They’re actors. See where Cory Booker wanted to get in on some of that yesterday? Did you see that picture with his hands up? I think he’s doing an Al Franken impersonation with that picture. All we needed was Leanne Tweeden in that photo to close the loop. Did you see that? He’s got his hands up there just like Franken in that picture aboard the C-130 on the way back from, I guess, Afghanistan. You talk about unhinged?

But Booker was acting ’cause he’s running for something, trying to get noticed, trying to attract the praise and support of the unhinged mainstream left. What happened in Hawaii? You know, people ask me frequently, “What do you mean by Drive-By Media?” ‘Cause I don’t define it very much. I think it’s self-explanatory. What’s a drive-by shooter? You’re riding along, you’re minding your own business, somebody pulls up next to you and unloads on you. A mess is created; you’re injured or killed or whatever.

What’s a Drive-By shooter do? Just keeps rolling, heading on down on the highway, waiting for the next chance to do it again — while behind him there’s a giant mess and a bunch of people hurt and injured that needs to be cleaned up. That’s the Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media and the Russia collaboration. The Drive-By Media and Trump’s health. The Drive-By Media and take your pick! The Drive-By Media and Trump is a racist. The Drive-By Media and Trump and the s-hole story. The Drive-By Media… It’s just pull up to a story, raise hell, cause havoc.

Throw everybody upside down and then head on down the highway and do it with the next story, leaving behind you a giant mess for adults to fix and clean up. What happened in Hawaii is a perfect metaphor for how the media operates. They press panic buttons needlessly. They cause millions of people abject fear, in some cases for their lives. The media creates discord, instability, unrest. They cause people to be obsessed in pessimism and negativism. And then after it’s discovered that there is no impending disaster, there are no repercussions.

They’re on the road, down the road to do it all over again. Nobody gets fired, nobody gets reprimanded, and very rarely are corrections ever substantially made. Just a brief pause before pushing the next nuclear warning button again. What happened in Hawaii with the emergency management guy that (snorts) hit the wrong button twice and they didn’t tell anybody for a half hour, is a perfect metaphor for how the Drive-By Media supposedly covers the news.

This is the same Drive-By Media that never batted an eye when Bill Clinton refused to release his medical records, even though STDs and venereal diseases and the drugs used to combat them can affect one’s mind. But they were not interested in any of that, despite everything they knew. They covered for Bill Clinton not releasing his medical records, saying it wasn’t important, that his approval ratings were sky-high; the American people didn’t care.

It seems like it was only yesterday the Drive-Bys were talking about the Michael Wolff book and how the Wolff book claims some insiders describe Trump as childish and childlike. Well, what we had yesterday in the White House briefing room was nothing more than Romper Room without a teacher. The Drive-By Media was the kids playing in the sandbox, not getting their toys and not getting their lunches and not getting recess. This is the same media that never questioned Hillary Clinton when she could barely stand up!

The same media that never questioned Hillary Clinton when she collapsed trying to get into a van to make a fast getaway after almost having collapsed at a 9/11 ceremony. The same media that never asked Hillary about her supposed concussions. The same media that never questioned when she was wearing those thick Coke bottle glasses because of her double vision! They said it was actually double vision; it was to prevent seizures.

The same media that never questioned when Hillary couldn’t finish a single speech without a prolonged coughing fit. There was never any concern for Hillary Clinton’s health, and we never had Sanjay Gupta or any other doctor on mainstream media telling us, “She’s not well.” But Sanjay Gupta of CNN fame yesterday said, after he heard the numbers that the White House doctor reported for Trump’s cardiovascular system, “The president has heart disease.” Did you hear that? CNN, Sanjay Gupta: “The president has heart disease.”

This is the same bunch of people now obsessed claiming Trump is dangerously overweight, the same people that want Oprah to be president.

You figure it out.

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