Jason Miller: Flake Speech Shows How Personal Trump Has Become For "Creatures Of The Swamp"


Wednesday on CNN, Former Trump senior communications adviser Jason Miller responded to retiring Republican Senator Jeff Flake for likening President Trump to Joseph Stalin in a speech on the Senate floor.

After Flake's speech, CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter said the outgoing Senator "articulated what a lot of Americans feel."

MILLER: I think it's completely out of bounds to compare the president of United States to Stalin who killed millions of people. This shows how personal it's become for the creatures of the swamp. Those in Washington if they can't get it their way they're going to go to attacks like this.

It goes back to my earlier point, what did Senator Flake think he was going to accomplish by this? I mean it's pretty clear the Republican party has shifted a lot since he first got here 18 years ago, he's no longer relevant. He'd lose his primary if he ran for re-election this go around. He's bitter.

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