Rand Paul Will Filibuster FISA Reauthorization; Paul Ryan "Disingenuous"


In an interview with FOX News Channel's Bill Hemmer Friday morning, Sen. Rand Paul explained why he is planning to filibuster the reauthorization of the FISA program.

"There will be a filibuster, yes," Paul said. "We need more oversight of these people, not less."

"The only way a filibuster succeeds is you have to get to 41 votes. So part of the reason you speak for a while, sometimes for a long while, but part of the reason you make arguments is because it’s an important issue. But if you can convince 41 colleagues, if 41 people will vote with me, they can’t pass it. And the other side will squawk and go crazy and say the world will end if we don’t pass this. What will happen if we don’t pass this is we will go back to the negotiating table and we will say we want more protections for American privacy and they would have to compromise."

Paul responds to House Speaker Paul Ryan's claim that the FISA bill is about foreign terrorists on foreign soil:

RAND PAUL: The best way I can describe what he said is disingenuous. We don’t stop any of the collection of the data. We reauthorize the program in the Amash amendment, the Paul, Wyden amendment. We reauthorize the program, we never interrupt the collection of foreign data on foreigners.

What we do is say that if Americans are accidentally caught up in it, this is about Americans, this isn’t about foreigners. This is about Americans. If Americans are accidentally caught up in this, if you want to look at their stuff, you have to have a warrant.

Here’s the problem with Paul Ryan and his ilk and all of these people – their reform bill actually makes it worse. In their reform bill, they say that information collected on Americans can be used for anything. Tax evasion, your grandson smoking pot somewhere. Any of these minor things that happen in our country that usually are protected by the constitution, they’ve gathered this information with no constitutional protection. It’s awful what they want to do.

Ryan's comment:

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