CNN's Acosta on Trump: "Deep Down This President May Just Be A Racist"


Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday night, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported on President Trump's "shithole countries" remark and remarked, "deep down this president may just be a racist."

Trump reportedly said why should the U.S. take in more immigrants from "shithole countries" rather than nations like Norway during a discussion with Congressional leaders on an immigration deal that would provide for and protect immigrants from Haiti and Africa

Acosta was recently promoted by the network to chief White House correspondent.

ACOSTA: We should point out just to underline what you were saying, the president of the United States has a history of making racially charged offensive comments. We've put together a graphic.

This goes back some time. Remember President Trump is the person who repeated the lie that President Obama was not born in the United States when he launched his campaign said some Mexican immigrants are rapists. Last August after the tragedy in Charlottesville said there were very fine people among the white supremacists protesting there and today saying that Haitians and Africans come from shithole countries. Time and again this is a problem area for the president, where he harbors racist attitudes and apparently feeling more and more emboldened to say this...

I talked to somebody this evening saying these are just dumb, they are not racist comments coming from the president. But, Anderson, as we were just showing a few moments ago and you were outlining earlier, there just seems to be a pattern here for this president. And it's a disturbing pattern because it seems to come back to one truth here, and that is deep down this president may just be a racist.

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