Van Jones on 'Shitholes': Melania Trump's Country Slovenia "Not Exactly The Jewel Of Europe"


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: Van Jones, I mean should this come as a surprise to people?

VAN JONES, CNN: Well, I mean it's not only racist, it's only just inaccurate. Numbers are sometimes better. 33% of Americans have college degrees. God bless everybody, it's a lot of hard work, now they have student debt. 43% of African immigrants have college degrees, okay? 11% of white people in America have a graduate people. One-quarter, 25% of Nigerian Americans have a graduate degree. So what is he talking about?

Part of the thing is that when you're relying on just horrible stereotypes -- by the way, Melania Trump, our first lady who I admire greatly, is from Slovenia, not exactly the jewel of Europe. Slovenia. But she's welcome here and Nigerians are not. There's something wrong with the way this president is proceeding.

I don't think anybody here on this panel can defend these kind of comments. If you want to have a conversation about immigration policy, you can have it without insulting whole continents and whole countries, especially when you have African immigrants coming to this country, making America better every day and being disrespected by this president.

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