Sen. Warren on DACA: We Can Negotiate, But At End Of The Day We're Not Deporting 800,000 People


Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Mark Warner (D-VA) appeared together in a rare Fox News interview Wednesday night with 'Special Report' host Bret Baier. Baier asked them about the hack of credit monitoring company Equifax, the state of the Democratic Party, and DACA. On the fate of the 800,000 illegal immigrants who arrived as children, Warren said she was open to "trying to figure out who can get a little here, who can give a little there" but at the end of the day, the U.S. can not deport them.

BAIER: Senator Warren, on DACA, if you characterize it as border security and don't call it a wall, is there a deal they can be made with Democrats in this administration?

WARREN: Let's start with the heart of what it's about. America made a promise to these young people, and that is that they would come out of the shadows, they would be vetted, that they would then have a chance to work in the United States, to go to school in the United States, to join our military. And that's what about 97 percent of them have done. And then Donald Trump said that promise is no good anymore. Now Congress has got to find a way to stand this back up. My view of this is America honors its promise. We do not deport 800,000 young people from the only home they have ever had.

BAIER: Even if it means shutting down the government and having this battle if there's a win over border security or calling it a wall?

WARREN: I don't want to see any of that come to pass. What I want to see is America honoring its promises. And I recognize we are sitting down right now in negotiations trying to figure out who can get a little here, who can give a little there. But at the end of the day, the way I see this is we cannot say to 800,000 young people who right now are contributing to America, who right now we are hearing for their employers saying don't to get rid of these people. These are people we need in our economy. We cannot say to them you will be deported from America.

BAIER: The clock is ticking here. Senators Warren and Warner, thanks for the time.

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