Mike Bloomberg: "I Suppose I Could," But Have "No Plans" To Run For President


Thursday morning, MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle asked former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg if he was considering a run for president.

"I suppose I could," Bloomberg replied. "But I have no plans to run for president."

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STEPHANIE RUHLE: What is the biggest win this administration had during the last year? Because they would say taxes, and you would say that’s a big loss.

BLOOMBERG: I’d say -- let me phrase it this way, I think the great failure of this administration is not building a team of people to address the problems day in and day out. Big tax bills or immigration bills or any of the stuff, they get all the headlines, but the real job of government is to, what I call run the railroad, to manage the government. There's 4 million people that work for the United States government. You have to have people in place to manage them to make sure that all the taxes we collect are well spent. To make sure that if we do infrastructure, we build the right projects to make sure that if we have foreign policies, they're good for the country long term.

The one time I talked to the president -- this president after he got elected, I said “You’ve just got to focus on building a team, not passing legislation.” Unfortunately, the press keeps saying “What did you do? What did you do?” I remember that back in April of '02, I was in office for four months and that 100 days. And they want to write, “What did you do in the first 100 days?” And I said “I built a team.” “Yes, right but what did you do?” “No, I built a team.” Without that team it is really hard to implement things. If you don't do it at the very beginning, it gets harder to do as the administration gets more controversial, which would happen to every administration. So, the Trump administration's ability to attract people today is less than it was at the very beginning. And I think that's the failure of not -- they should have focused on that.

RUHLE: Could you see yourself maybe running for office with Oprah?

BLOOMBERG: Would we do it alphabetically? I don’t know, I just want to make sure.

RUHLE: Or by yourself, Mike. You and I have worked together in the past, you always said not me. People aren't going to vote for a guy who is divorced, who is Jewish, who is a billionaire. People have now shown us they're willing to go outside the box.

BLOOMBERG: Well, OK. What is the question?

RUHKE: Could you run now, Mike?

BLOOMBERG: I suppose I could. You have to be 35 years old. I am older than that. You have to be a citizen. I’m a citizen. You have to be born in America, I was. But I have no plans to run for president.

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