Laura Ingraham Warns Trump: You Promised The Base A Wall, Not An "Opaque Electric Fence"


FNC's Laura Ingraham warned on Wednesday's edition of 'The Ingraham Angle' that unless the border wall is really built, the president will lose his most vocal supporters.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: So maybe the president realizes he is never going to get a wall unless he does that DACA amnesty, maybe. And maybe he thinks he can’t end chain migration unless he gives legal status to those 800,000 illegals. They range from about 16 years of age to about 30 years of age. They’re not all kids now. But that is a hard pill for many of his most loyal supporters to swallow...

When it comes to any DACA deal, the president has got to realize there are just two things that matter above all else — number one, DACA is the only leverage the president has to implement his entire immigration agenda,” she explained. “Number two, Democrats favor granting citizenship to illegal aliens because they believe it is the absolute key to achieving a super-majority, just like the one they currently have in California. They want that in every key battleground state. So, there’s so much more at stake than just the future of the DREAMers. This deal could decide the fate of the country. I’m going to wait and see what the final DACA proposal looks like. But if it does not include a wall – a real wall, not a see-through wall, expect a political revolt from the base, which means losing the House and maybe even the Senate. And by the way, [ending] chain migration — absolutely necessary...

So, if those things aren’t in the deal, or they’re watered down so badly they don’t really exist at all, we end up losing the House, the Senate, who is going to be left to defend the president?

Dick Durbin? Lindsey Graham? Or 'all those hard-right people who host radio shows or are on Fox News?'

The president did not promise his supporters an opaque electronic fence that only covers a third of the border. He promised them a wall — a big, beautiful wall. And unless it’s built, unless chain migration is ended, I fear, Mr. President, your most ardent supporters will write you off as just another politician who said something you really didn’t mean.

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