Jennifer Rubin: Republicans "Co-Enablers," "Co-Conspirators" In Plot To Obstruct Justice For Trump


On Wednesday edition of MSNBC's Last Word with host Lawrence O'Donnell, self-described conservative Jennifer Rubin said Congressional Republicans are "co-conspirators" and "co-enablers" of obstruction of justice when it comes to the Russia probe "emotional coward" President Trump. Rubin also defended Fusion GPS, the dossier, and the decision by the opposition firm's founder Glenn Simpson to go public with it.

She also declared that history will not be kind to Sen. Lindsey Graham and various other Republicans for their behavior in this period of politics.

"If you go back to the transcript of the fascinating interview before the judicial committee by Glenn R. Simpson, who is the founder of Fusion GPS, it is very obvious that the lawyer doing the questioning on behalf of the Republicans is interested in no real substantive data. His entire line of questioning had nothing to do with the substance either of the dossier, the so-called dossier, or the level of confidence that Fusion GPS had in the dossier or anything else in substance," Rubin said.

"They are there for one reason and one reason only and that is to protect the president," she said. "In that regard, they've become complicit in this. They've become co-enablers, they've become co-conspirators in a plot to obstruct justice."

"I think when this all washes out there are going to be people like Lindsey Graham who used to have a spine and I think just pines to be Mr. Trump's secretary of state who are going to look very bad in the light of history," Rubin predicted.

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