David Gregory: Trump's Wall Was Always Just "Grand Metaphor," "Beyond Spin... Real Propaganda"


John Avlon, editor-in-chief at The Daily Beast, and former 'Meet the Press' host David Gregory joked that President Trump actually promised a "big beautiful metaphor" rather than a "big beautiful wall" on Thursday's edition of 'New Day' on CNN.

"The president, we know often says things that are not true. And when he is speaking about things that are true, he will speak metaphorically," Gregory explained. "Now, I don't think this was a good idea at any point - but I think this whole thing was a grand metaphor, which he was willing to deal on."

"It was a great line to throw out [on the campaign trail] as red meat, which meant we are going to beef up security."It sounds ridiculous when they all of a sudden say there are now mountains and rivers involved, because they have always been there."

"The wall itself is a ridiculous concept," Gregory continued. "But there is a mindset around here of what we're going to do: Beef up border security. This is where we have to separate so much of the bluster, and beyond spin. I think real propaganda, which involved telling untruths to the American people. With the president looking pretty seriously, and perhaps creatively about how to get a big immigration bill done."

"If the wall ends up being something different, that’s ultimately a good thing, so that we don’t have big barriers we're putting on our southern border," he added. "He says things and reverses them all the time... He could be on to something, getting a bigger deal than anyone thought was possible."

"So he’s built a big beautiful metaphor, that’s all the wall was," Avlon joked. "But to David's point, this is actually potentially an opening to get something done with Democrats."

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