Trump on Helping Mexico With Border: "We Give Money To Other Nations. We Have to Stop."


REPRESENTATIVE CUELLAR: Well, if you look at -- this is where the wall -- Mr. President, if you look at where the walls are at right now, this is where the activity is where the walls are at right now.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We have massive miles of area where people are pouring through. Now, one of the good things, because of our rhetoric or because of the perceived -- you know, my perceived attitude -- fewer people are trying to come through. That's a great thing.


TRUMP: And therefore -- I mean, our numbers have been fantastic, maybe for all the right reasons.

REPRESENTATIVE CUELLAR: But let me just finish my thought. I want to ask you that -- we're playing -- you saw the game last night. It was a good game last night.

TRUMP: I did. Very good game.

REPRESENTATIVE CUELLAR: We're playing defense on the one-yard line called the U.S. border. We spend over $18 billion a year on the border.

If we think about playing defense on the 20-yard line -- if you look at what Mexico has done, they stop thousands of people on the southern border with Guatemala. We ought to be looking at working with them.

TRUMP: Henry, we stopped them. We stopped them. You know why? Mexico told me, the President told me, everybody tells me -- not as many people are coming through their southern border because they don't think they can get through our southern border and therefore they don't come. That's what happened with Mexico. We did Mexico a tremendous favor.

REPRESENTATIVE CUELLAR: We actually put appropriations to help them with the southern border.

TRUMP: The point is -- I know, we always give everybody -- every other nation gets money except ours.


TRUMP: We're always looking for money. We give the money to other nations. That we have to stop.

REPRESENTATIVE CUELLAR: But finally, the last point, Mr. President, is instead of playing defense on the one-yard line, if you look -- this is your material -- we know where the stash houses are at, we know where the hotels are at, we know where they cross the river --

TRUMP: Right. And we're going after those.

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