Mark Levin: Trump's Immigration Statement "No Art Of The Deal, Complete Surrender"


Mark Levin weighs in on President Trump's on-camera immigration discussion with Congressional leaders.

MARK LEVIN: Look, amnesty was Reagan's biggest mistake. Biggest mistake. It's time to speak out folks. It's time to speak out. Here's President Trump at the White House today.

TRUMP: And, Chuck, I will say, when this group comes back -- hopefully with an agreement -- this group and others from the Senate, from the House, comes back with an agreement, I'm signing it. I mean, I will be signing it. I'm not going to say, "Oh, gee, I want this or I want that." I'll be signing it, because I have a lot of confidence in the people in this room that they're going to come up with something really good.

LEVIN: That's no Art of the Deal, that's complete surrender. Now I suspect the president will realize that and try to talk some of that back, but that is very bad. And he did it in front of the media, he did it in front of the Democrats, the whole world heard it. Just give me something and I'll sign it. Are you kidding me? That's what he said. I didn't say it. That's what the president said.

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