Tucker On CNN and Stephen Miller: Would CNN Security Remove A Member Of MS-13 Here Illegally?


On the Monday edition of his FOX News show, Tucker Carlson reacted to the news that CNN had White House strategist Stephen Miller removed from the set after his fiery interview with Jake Tapper on Sunday's State of the Union. Carlson wondered if a member of the criminal gang MS-13 that was an illegal immigrant would receive the same treatment from CNN.

"So, CNN called around to news organizations and said you were escorted off the set by security. Presumably you are not a physical threat, you are not armed. My question is, but they thought you were a threat. Do you think if you have been, I don't know, a member of MS-13 here illegally, that CNN would have had security pull you off the set?" Carlson asked.

"I assume if I was a member of MS-13 here illegally, they would be clamoring to get me into the voting booth. But I think that -- I think that like many things CNN says, like this story has the most important virtue of all CNN stories as being not true," Miller, who appeared on Tucker's show tonight, reacted.

"What was striking to me about the whole thing. So, there was a video apparently taken without your knowledge of you on the set after the segment ended during the commercial break, and someone apparently from CNN, I don't know who else would have access to it, leaked that to other news organizations," Carlson said about the standards and practices of the cable news channel.

"Well, it's just another example of CNN's very low journalistic standards," Miller said. "But I was glad to have people hear what I said on camera and off camera, which that CNN has been extraordinarily biased, extraordinarily unfair to the president and is not giving their information -- their viewers honest information."

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