Ned Ryun: Mueller Probe Shows "Real Investigation" Needs To Be Into Obama-Era DOJ, FBI


On Monday's Ingraham Angle, conservative activist Ned Ryun said the Mueller probe has shown the "real investigation" needs to be into the "highly politicized and corrupt" Obama Department of Justice and FBI.

NED RYUN, AMERICAN MAJORITY: You know what? I think a lot of us find highly suspect any investigations done under the DOJ under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and under the FBI with James Comey because of the political nature that I think the DOJ and FBI were under under those three and their leadership.

I think we need to go back, fully conclude these investigations and really get to the bottom of it. Was it a pay to play scheme? Was the Clinton Foundation a slush fund? Why did the Uranium One deal take place? Even if you look at some stuff taking place with Bruce Ohr, the number four guy at DOJ whose wife was hired by Fusion GPS to investigate Donald Trump. He didn't find it within himself to mention it to anybody even though he met with Christopher Steele, even though he met with [Fusion GPS co-founder] Glenn Simpson.

I think the only silver lining in this entire Mueller investigation it has shown us where the real investigation needs to happen which is under a highly politicized and corrupt DOJ and FBI under the Obama administration.

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