Kristol: "American Success Story" Oprah "Pretty Formidable," Not "Less Qualified" Than Trump


Bill Kristol said "American success story" Oprah Winfrey would make a formidable presidential candidate and has a better connection to middle America than Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

"Can I honestly look at you and say she's less qualified to be president than Donald Trump? I cannot," Kristol said Monday on MSNBC.

Kristol tweeted on Monday: "Oprah: Sounder on economics than Bernie Sanders, understands Middle America better than Elizabeth Warren, less touchy-feely than Joe Biden, more pleasant than Andrew Cuomo, more charismatic than John Hickenlooper."

BILL KRISTOL: She's an impressive woman, it was an impressive speech. I half tongue in cheek encouraged her to run for the Democratic nomination. But why not? She has a better connection with middle America than I think Elizabeth Warren. She's more charismatic than John Hickenlooper and a lot of those other candidates. She's got more good sense on economics in my point of view than Bernie Sanders. She's actually done extremely well, came up genuinely from extremely hardscrabble origins, an American success story. She's younger than Biden, Warren and Sanders, why shouldn't she run?

ARI MELBER, MSNBC: We're you saying she should be a great nominee or were saying you'd be open to considering voting for her?

KRISTOL: I don't know her views on a lot of issues so I guess I'm more the former. I think she would be a formidable if she choose to run. Who knows if now celebrities can just run for president? In old days they ran for governor first or for Senator. But with Trump, all barriers are down. Can I honestly look at you and say she's less qualified to be president than Donald Trump? I cannot.

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