Nikki Haley: Michael Wolff Is Lying For Money


Sunday on ABC's 'This Week,' UN Ambassador Nikki Haley commented about the North Korean nuclear crisis and decried Michael Wolff’s new book on the administration, 'Fire and Fury.'

About Wolff, Haley said she was "amazed at the lengths people will go to lie for money and for power."

"The one thing about the book, having been governor and now an ambassador, I am always amazed at the lengths people will go to lie for money and for power, this is like taking it to a whole new low," she said.

She continued: "I will tell you. I have not read the book. I won’t read it. The excerpts I have seen and the things I have seen in the press, I know those people in the White House. I’m there once a week. These people love their country and respect our president. I have never seen or heard the type of toxic language they’re talking about. I’m not there seven days a week. I’m there once a week, and I’m there for a day with White House meetings and everything. No one questions the stability of the president."

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