Mollie Hemingway: Michael Wolff Has History Of Making Things Up, Take Book With Huge Grain Of Salt


Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist gives her view on Michael Wolff's controversial new book Fire and Fury on the Thursday broadcast of FOX News' Special Report.

HEMINGWAY: There are a lot of people who said on the record that the quotes are attributed to them are not accurate, there's Katie Walsh, Tom Barrack. He's also said things that are demonstrably untrue, like that Donald Trump didn't know who John Boehner was even though John Boehner has been talked about by Donald Trump for many years.

He said that policy wonk Stephen Miller, who is known for just being obsessed with immigration policy, doesn't know anything about immigration or doesn't know anything about policy. So things that are obviously not true. And there is that reputation that Michael Wolff has of spinning very colorful stories but also admitting sometimes he makes them up. So everyone should take everything with a huge grain of salt. But, there is some element of truth here which is that the early days of the Trump administration were a pretty toxic environment with a lot of people fighting against each other and I think that part does come out through the book.

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