Steve Schmidt: Apparent To Everybody That Trump Is Unfit For Office, "They Say It Privately In The Bars"


MSNBC: Eugene Robinson and Steve Schmidt discuss the dysfunction and chaos within the White House portrayed in the new book ‘Fire and Fury’.

STEVE SCHMIDT: The year has been every day a debasement of the office of president of the U.S. by this president and his staff. With the constancy of the lying, the misinformation, the nonsense that is spooned out to the American people.

But what we see in this book, and I think it is fine to argue over the details, did Tom Barrack really said that or this, we'll figure that out... but certainly, the larger issue is that it paints a portrait of dysfunction and chaos and that just beggars the imagination.

These people work in proximity to an office where life and death decisions are made, and the portrait that is painted in this book... We know this is a president who is inventing conspiracies and attacking the intelligence community and the justice department, with his 'Deep State' talk, or whether it is attacking the spirit of the First Amendment, or blustering about nuclear weapons, what we see increasingly is a president who is under pressure. Out of his depth, ignorant, unprepared, and fundamentally unfit for the office.

This is apparent to everyone. It is apparent to the members of Congress, but they don't say it publicly. They say it to journalists. They say it privately in the bars. But his dangerous unfitness, I think is something that out of this book and these other actions are increasingly going to become part of the political narrative in 2018.

Though it is uncomfortable, it is increasingly clear that the question of this president's manifest unfitness for this office is no longer something that we can avoid discussing for the sake of politeness.

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