Dershowitz: "My Liberal Friends Stopped Inviting Me To Dinner, They Think I'm A Trump Supporter"


Alan Dershowitz appeared on FOX News Friday afternoon to discuss President Trump's interview with The New York Times in which the president mentioned him and special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into the Trump campaign and Russia. Dershowitz revealed that he is persona non grata at dinner parties held by his liberal friends because they think they is a Trump supporter despite voting for and supporting Hillary Clinton. The legal eagle has been a common face among political pundits who say there has yet to be any evidence that shows candidate Trump colluded with the Russians.

"My liberal friends have stopped inviting me to dinner," Dershowitz told host Trish Regan on FOX News. "They think I'm a Trump supporter. I just call it the way I see it when it comes to the law. If the president likes what I'm saying, find, but tomorrow they may not like what I'm saying. I'm an advocate for the rule of law and an advocate the constitution."

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