Tom Bevan: Revelations Have Undermined Mueller's Investigation To Some Degree


RCP co-founder and publisher Tom Bevan commented on the slipping credibility of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation on Monday's edition of Fox News Channel's 'Special Report.'

TOM BEVAN: I'm astonished at how Mueller's team, at every turn you would think they would try to be overly sensitive, overly careful to be above reproach in the way they conducted this investigation. And yet we see time and time again, that they weren't.

As Jonathan Turley mentioned here, with these emails with the GSA. They didn't have to go this route, but they did.

It was sort of a bullying tactic that could have gone another way that would have not undermined their credibility, and yet here we are.

So I agree, the revelations that have come out have undermined Mueller's investigation, to a certain degree.

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