Rich Lowry: If Trump Can Sit Tight, Mueller Will Probably Vindicate Him


On this week's edition of Fox News Sunday's panel, National Review editor Rich Lowry warned the president that firing special counsel Robert Mueller would do him more harm than good. Afterall, Mueller appears not to be finding any evidence that the president did anything wrong.

Lowry dismissed most of the text messages sent by FBI agent Peter Strzok, an agent fired from the investigation into the president, as "embarrassing." However, he thinks one of them which could be describing an "insurance policy" against a Trump presidency needs further investigation.

RICH LOWRY, EDITOR, "NATIONAL REVIEW": And, look, a lot of texts, they are stupid, they are embarrassing. They're not necessarily sinister. The sinister one is the insurance policy text. And we need --

WALLACE: The one we've been talking about.

LOWRY: Right. And we need to hear from Strozk under oath about what he meant by that.

I also think there's enough now to be worried by this investigation. I think Bob Mueller, for his own good, should dismiss Andrew Wiseman, who's a Democratic partisan, who's a top deputy, also sent an anti-Trump e-mail. And Jeff Sessions should bring in an outside district attorney who has some independence to look into the entirety of how DOJ and the FBI handled 2016 and to get to the bottom of it.

But -- but if Donald Trump takes from all this a permission slip to fire Bob Mueller, it would be a catastrophic mistake. And the irony is here, as far as we know, it looks like Mueller is not turning up evidence of collusion. So I think if Trump could just sit tight, Mueller probably will vindicate him at the end of the day and firing him will do more damage to Trump than just sitting this out.

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