Rep. Jackie Speier: "Rumor On The Hill" Is Trump Plans To Fire Mueller On December 22


Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo) told KQED Newsroom on Friday that she believes Republicans are trying to shut down the House Intelligence Committee’s probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Speier says “rumor on the hill” is that President Trump will fire special counsel Robert Mueller after Congress recesses for the holidays on Dec. 22. If this were to happen, Speier says, it would cause a constitutional crisis. “It would be a Saturday massacre -- worse than that,” she said. “Without a doubt there will be an impeachment effort.”

REP. JACKIE SPEIER: We can read between the lines I think, and there is a rush to try to shut this committee investigation down.

This week was a great example. Three interviews going on simultaneously, one of them actually off the hill, with someone who comes to Washington frequently, but they wanted to do it now, and so we were actually off the hill doing the interview, had to race back to vote. This is a circus at this point...

I believe that the president wants to shut down these investigations and he wants to fire special counsel Mueller...

The rumor on the Hill when I left [Thursday] was that the president was going to make a significant speech at the end of next week, and on Dec. 22 when we are out of DC, he was going to fire Robert Mueller.

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