Trump: We're Going To See Economic Growth Of 4, 5 And Maybe 6 Percent


President Trump holds an impromptu question and answer session with reporters en route to Camp David from the White House.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: This is going to be one of the great gifts to the middle-income people that they've ever gotten for Chrismas...

Years from now they can make it even more generous if we can get the economy like it should be. The economy now is at 3%. Nobody thought it would be anywhere close. I think it could go to 4, 5, and maybe even 6%, ultimately. Each percentage point is $2.5 trillion. We are back. We are really going to start to rock. We need this as our final push and you're going to see some numbers that are really great. You're going to see great jobs numbers. Jobs are going to come pouring back into this country, which we need very much.

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