CNN Focus Group: Trump Voters Debate Roy Moore Loss, Trump As President


Trump voters who did not vote for Roy Moore speak to CNN's Alisyn Camerota about the Republican candidate's loss and what it means. One man, Steve Skipper, said he voted for Trump and now regrets it. He said Steve Bannon is a racist.

Kim Dowdle, who still supports Trump, campaigned for Doug Jones and is "elated" by Roy Moore's loss. Dowdie is a survivor of rape was ashamed that Moore hid behind the Bible.

Jimmy Dozier, another Trump voter who still supports the president, said he is glad Moore didn't win and is confident that Doug Jones will not win a full term when has to run again in 2020. However, he said Moore only took out the girls and didn't rape them.

Saudia Ally, one more Trump voter who now regrets it, said she is hesitant to believe Moore's accusers because they did not come forward until he was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.

Mike Brindock, a man who regrets his vote for Trump, spoke about Trump's accusers and said those women must be telling the truth because the president is "a liar."

Darius Mayfield, a Trump supporter, said he believes in "due process." He was not offended by the Access Hollywood tape and said he has heard worse.

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