Steve Schmidt: A "Tsunami" Is Coming In 2018 That Will Wipe GOP Away


GOP strategist Steve Schmidt predicted a Democratic "tsunami" in 2018 due to Republican "hypocrisy and rot." Schmidt said the party has "demonstrated a complete incapacity to govern" and showed its "meanness" and "cruelty" for refusing to fund the children's healthcare program CHIP.

You may recall Schmidt, an MSNBC contributor, days before the 2016 presidential election said then-candidate Donald Trump should prepare a concession speech to Hillary Clinton.

"The hypocrisy and the rot are worthy of discussion," Schmidt said of the Republican party. "The meanness, the cruelty. But this is a very simple thing to understand, and it gives me no pleasure to say it."

"I've spent my life in the Republican party, it gives me no pleasure to say this. This party has demonstrated a complete incapacity to govern. Period. And I think that there will be a tsunami come 2018 that wipes it away," Schmidt predicted Tuesday.

"I want to understand who is the body that's saying this isn't a good political move, we don't have the money? They have the money when they want the money," MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said about the refusal to fund CHIP.

"They don't care, period," Schmidt responded. "The government is corrupted. It's corrupted. It is not about regular people. It is not about that vulnerable child. This tax bill is a payoff corrupt from A to Z to the special interest constituencies."

"One thing that Jimmy Kimmel said was wrong -- rich people aren't benefiting from this, faceless multinational corporations are benefiting from this," he said. "They've even taken rich people out of the equation as beneficiaries of the programs. So this is a bought and paid for corrupted institution. And the American people revile it. They assigned it a 15-, 16-percent approvement level and there's good reason for that. But there's no understanding here other than the broader understanding of the magnitude of the corruption."

Schmidt said there will be "righteous anger" from the American people if Roy Moore gets elected that will wipe Republicans out.

"For 11 months, we'll have to endure a child molester in the United States Senate until the American people with their righteous anger will have the ability to weigh in when they walk in voting booths in all 50 states, in every town, in every county in this country and then they get to weigh in on pedophile child molester Roy Moore," he said.

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