Roy Moore Strategist: "Donald Trump Is On Trial In Alabama"


Roy Moore's chief political strategist Dean Young appeared on ABC's 'This Week' on Sunday to discuss the stakes in the special election in Alabama.

"This is President Trump's agenda, and that is why it is so important that Roy Moore wins this race," Young said.

"It is Donald Trump on trial in Alabama," he said bluntly. "If the people of Alabama vote for this liberal Democrat, Doug Jones, then they are voting against the President that they voted for at the highest level."

DEAN YOUNG, CHIEF POLITICAL STRATEGIST, ROY MOORE CAMPAIGN: Well, President Trump's support is very, very important for the people of Alabama and this nation. You say this President Trump's agenda. And that's why it's so important that Judge Moore win this race. Last night we had Doug Jones, the liberal Democrat, with one of his Senate buddies, Cory Booker, who said that the president should resign. So this is Donald Trump on trial in Alabama. If the people of Alabama vote for this liberal Democrat Doug Jones, then they're voting against the president who they put in office at the highest level.

So it's very important for Donald Trump, and again, it's ground zero for President Donald Trump. If they can beat him, they can beat his agenda, because Judge Moore stands with Donald Trump and his agenda. Judge Moore wants the wall. Judge Moore wants to lower taxes. Judge Moore wants a military that's strong. And that's who Judge Moore is.

And our opponent, this Democrat, Doug Jones, wants the exact opposite. So it's very important to President Trump.

RADDATZ: Well, you know, we have seen Roy Moore -- we haven't seen Roy Moore out on the campaign trail much this week. Why is that?

YOUNG: Well, Judge Moore has been out for 25 years across Alabama. And he is known by the people of Alabama. He has talked to the people of Alabama. And they're with Judge Moore. And that's why I believe if we get our vote out, and we will, Judge Moore will be the senator that will be going up to Washington on December the 12th and helping Donald Trump with his agenda.

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