Alabama Rep. Terri Sewell: Alabama Senate Race "About The Soul Of This Nation"


Rep. Terri Sewell, the only Democrat in the Alabama congressional delegation, joins ABC's Martha Raddatz on 'This Week.'

REP. TERRI SEWELL, (D) ALABAMA: Listen, the people of Alabama deserve a senator whose character and integrity and veracity won't be in question day one in the United States Senate. And we're working hard to make the case for Doug Jones.

At the end of the day, they're putting party before people, party before principle. There's no reason to doubt these women. Independent corroboration, contemporaneous accounts, and eight people who didn't know each other.

At the end of the day, when Roy Moore, if the he should win, goes to Washington, we will always be questioning his character. And I believe, and I know, that lawmakers part of it is that we
have to work together across the aisle in order the get things done. And there's only one candidate in this race who has earned the right to be the United States Senator and that's Doug Jones.

RADDATZ: But, congresswoman -- I know he's been out there making the case, but these are very serious accusations against Roy Moore. Why is this race even close?

SEWELL: Listen, the state of Alabama voted for this president by 28 points. The fact that we are closed and narrowed in to a statistical dead heat is really important. I believe that the people of
Alabama, this -- realize that this election is about the soul of this nation and the soul of Alabama. And, we who have been proud Alabamans know that we have been trying the to overcome our painful past. And this candidate, Roy Moore, will only take us backwards and harken us back to the days of segregation and Doug Jones will take us forward.

I really believe that the people of Alabama understand what is at stake. And all the -- the strategists can keep saying is that only Roy Moore will be behind this president's agenda. So, they're putting party over principle, party over the people, and I hope that the folks of Alabama, I really beleive that the folks of Alabama will see through this and choose to vote for the right candidate over partisan politics.

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