Trump: America Is A Sovereign Country; We Set Our Own Immigration Rules, Not Foreign Bureaucrats


In a speech delivered a campaign-style rally Friday night in Pensacola, President Trump made clear the sovereignty of America when it comes to immigration ideas from foreign nations and global entities like the United Nations. Trump also promised "borders on top of borders."

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: America is being respected again abroad and we are taking care of our citizens at home. And we’re going to have safety and we’ve got a lot more now. We’re getting rid of the MS-13 animals. (APPLAUSE) We’re going to have safety again.

Because America is more than just a place on a map. America is a nation. America is a family. America is ours to love and to cherish and to protect and to take care of and that’s what we are doing. We’re going to take care of this country for our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren and we’re not going to let people come into our country who are going to destroy our country. (APPLAUSE)

And that may or may not be politically correct but honestly, I don’t care. We have to do the right thing. We have to do the right thing. (APPLAUSE) Our agenda is pro-family, pro-police, pro-worker and 100% pro-American.

That’s why I recently withdrew the United States from the United Nations plan for Global Governance of Immigration and Refugee Policy – no borders. (APPLAUSE) It’s a no-borders plan. They have a plan – no-borders – I heard about it recently. I said, what are you talking about; no borders? No borders. No borders. No borders – everybody can come in. If you don’t mind, I rejected that plan. Is that okay? (APPLAUSE)

I told them, not only do we want no borders – we want the strongest borders you’ve ever seen. We’re going to have such borders. (APPLAUSE) We’ll have borders on top of borders. America is a sovereign country. We set our immigration rules. We don’t listen to foreign bureaucrats. We don’t listen to other countries telling us how we should be running our immigration; thank you very much.

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