Wasserman Schultz: Every Republican Will Have To "Own" Roy Moore


Former DNC chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, joins MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell to talk about the resignation of Sen. Al Franken and the Senate race in Alabama.

"Partisanship has nothing to do with this," Wasserman Schultz said about Franken's resignation. "Our party believes women... should be treated equitably, fairly, and justly."

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked, based on President Trump's comment that he doesn't want a "liberal Democrat" to beat Roy Moore in Alabama: "Is that brand, the 'Liberal Democrats,' that the president campaigned against Hillary Clinton on successfully, is that a brand that is worse than having an accused sexual molester elected to the Senate, Roy Moore?"

"I think the president's position is revolting," the former DNC chair said on Moore. "It is revolting that he is supporting a child molester for the United States Senate, and that the Republican National Committee has followed suit, and enthusiastically reembraced Roy Moore."

"If Roy Moore comes to the U.S. Senate... I would expect that he would swiftly be put through an Ethics Committee process and that the U.S. Senate would vote to expel him."

"The Republican Party, and every candidate running in the United States will have to own that," Wasserman Schultz noted. "And we will make sure that they do."

"And the women of America will judge those candidates based on how they believe it is appropriate to treat women, and whether the Republican Party should believe there are consequences when Republicans abuse their power," she warned.

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