Roy Moore Strategist: The People Of Alabama Don't Believe These Women


Dean Young, Roy Moore's chief political strategist, discusses the latest allegations from four women.

"The people of Alabama know that this was a hit job," Young said on CNN Monday night about the allegations of assault against underage girls.

"The people of Alabama know Judge Moore, and they believe Judge Moore, they don't believe these other people, these women, it is that simple."

"When people have watched you for 25 years do what is right and just and fair, they know who you are," he said about Moore. "Judge Moore's been around in this state for 25 years, I've known him, and people can eyeball him."

"He has never, ever said anything derogatory, or sexual, towards any person, any person, man, woman, ever. He loves his wife, he's been married for 32 years."

"So all this is make-believe, because Mitch McConnell couldn't beat him with $30 million, and then the Washington Post is trying their stuff with George Soros."

He also claimed that George Soros was "registering felons" to vote in Alabama in a bid to defeat Moore.

"It is all to keep Judge Moore from getting into Washington and getting to work," he said.

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