Pelosi: Republican Tax Reform "Worst Bill In The History Of Congress"


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trashed the tax reform bill Monday evening on the House floor. Pelosi called the GOP tax plan "the worst bill in the history" of the U.S. Congress.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: I have said that this was stiff competition by some of the other things they have put forth, is the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress.

Now, how can I make that claim? Well, because it involves more money, hurts more people, increases the deficit by so much more, and just because everything is bigger in our country, the consequences of this bill, a multi-trillion dollar economy being addressed by a bill that had no hearings, no expert testimony, just the speed of light, as [Rep.] Jamie Raskin (D-MD) says, the speed of light in the dark of night, here we are.

And who else thinks this is not a good idea? This is what the United States Conference of Bishops have said. This proposal appears to be the first federal income tax modification in American history that will raise income taxes on the working poor while simultaneously providing a large tax cut to the wealthy. This, the Conference of Bishops says, this is simply unconscionable, and I believe them.

Let us remember the word of St. Augusta. A state which is not governed according to justice would be just a bunch of thieves. He said that 17 centuries ago. When his holiness Pope Benedict wrote in his first encyclical, "God Is Love," he went on to say, "sometimes you have to work hard to determine what justice is. But in doing so you must be aware of the dazzling blindness of money and power." Apparently, we did not heed that.

Let us look honestly at the GOP scam before us. No justice. I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to vote yes on the motion to instruct conference to at least inject some element of fairness and common sense into this destruction, and then to reject this terrible bill.

Earlier on Monday, Pelosi called the tax reform proposal "armageddon."

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