Sen. Jon Tester Blasts Unreadable Writing In Margins Of Tax Reform Bill


Montana Democrat Sen. Jon Tester sparked debate with a viral video showing some of the unreadable handwritten notes added at the last minute to the Senate tax bill. Filmed on Friday evening, just after he got his copy of the 479-page bill, Tester lamented the Republicans rapid push to pass the tax bill.

"I just got the tax bill 25 minutes ago, this is the tax bill, see how thick it is?"

"Take a look at this, folks, this is your government at work," Tester said, holding up a page of the bill with legal text written in the margins. "Here's the bill as it is written. Here's the modifications that are in it. I can read one word, it is 'add this language.' "

Sen. Elizabeth Warren also commented Friday night on the handwritten notes added in the margins of the bill, noting that they have something to do with S corporations.

"Can you tell me what this word is? If you can you've got better eyes than me? Tester said in his video. "It is amazing, we've just been given this 25 minutes ago. And we're supposed to vote on it in a couple hours."

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